Bainbridge Township Fire Department

equipment locker of a fire station

Industry: Public Sector

Date installed: Oct 2021

In-person COVID-10 transmission*: 0%

“We live in a family environment. We live together, eat together, and work in close proximity to each other. The mental and emotional stress of being isolated within our work environment can take a real toll. I feel your product gave us a safer way to live within our station.”
– Lou Ann Metz, EFO, Fire Chief, Bainbridge Township Fire Department

The Bainbridge Township Fire Department instituted rigid infection control procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic but sought an added layer of protection against colds, flus, and COVID-19.

Since installing Serenio in their kitchen/dining area, the “hub” of the station, personnel have experienced less colds and flus, and zero cases of COVID-19.

In a family environment, where personnel are constantly in close proximity to each other eating, working, and living together, Serenio provided peace of mind and a safer setting for firefighters so they could focus on the important work that they do.

*Cumulative in-person transmission for six months post installation


Additional Use Cases