Rajah Vijay Kumar D.Sc.

KumarRajah Vijay Kumar is the Group Chairman of Organization de Scalene, Director and Chief Scientific officer of the Centre for Advanced Research and Development (CARD), Director of Scalene Energy Research Institute (SERI) and Managing Director of Scalene Cybernetics Limited, and currently serves as Chairman of the board of Directors for over eight global organizations.

Dr. Kumar has over 30 years of research and development and global business experience. He is a Bachelor of Science graduate, majoring in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, a post-graduate in Microelectronics, a Doctor of Science in Medical Engineering (magna cum laude), and also holds a Master of Business Administration in Corporate Crisis Management. He is a pioneering researcher and an opinion leader in the field of Biophysics, Radiobiology, Nanotechnology and Sustainable Energy. He founded Organization De Scalene in 1993 to promote global science and technology in the areas of healthcare, energy, food, water and quality of life.

Specializing in Electronics and Bio-Medical Engineering, Dr. Kumar has worked for more than twenty years on: regenerative tissue engineering and high-speed biological data acquisition; modelling and simulation of the human cardiovascular system; artificial intelligence; and neural networks in medical diagnosis and engineering. He holds many patents, including the Realistic Geometry Cartographic Imaging (RGCI), which finds applications from medical science to tsunami detection, and the CYTOTRON®, which is considered an important milestone in radiobiology and tissue engineering. He also holds the US, European and Chinese patents for the CYTOTRON® for Degenerative and Regenerative Tissue Engineering. His work on Nanotechnology sparked a new technique in selective tissue destruction with a “nanoblaster” that is undergoing laboratory trials. In addition, Dr. Kumar holds the US patent for Focused Nano-Permeabilization (FORN) technology etc. for targeted, precise cancer drug delivery.

Dr. Kumar is a chronic inventor with more than fifteen patents to his credit. His medical devices have been approved by regulatory bodies such as the European Body (CE), the Saudi-FDA, and the Asian bodies, with the HAEMOSEIS-256 now being approved for commercialization by the COFEPRIS in Mexico. He has also invented SPARSE™ technology for fuel enrichment and its application in renewable energy production. Fluid Ignition Engine (FIT), the TMD reactor for high intensity mega sonic break-down of long chain hydrocarbons and Transcutaneous Thermoelectroporic Omni-molecular drug delivery systems, are among his other inventions.