Frequently Asked Questions
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About the Technology

Can Serenio neutralize any other viruses?

Serenio has also been shown to disable airborne viral loads of the Influenza B virus and Avian Coronavirus.

How is Serenio different from air purifiers and similar products on the market today?

Serenio is market-enabled under the FDA’s enforcement discretion policy as an air purifier, but it is not a plasma generator, ionizer, UV/ozone disinfector, or HEPA filter; devices such as these are traditionally known as “disinfectant units” or sterilizers, and they are used for air purification of all types—cleansing the air of allergens, dust, pollen, irritants, etc.—rather than specifically for Coronaviruses.

The Serenio device does not filter the air or create any chemicals, and it does not produce ozone or ionize the air like some air purifying technologies—it only emits electrons, which we are constantly surrounded by and cause us no harm!

Does Serenio neutralize airborne Coronaviruses? How does the technology work?

Yes. The negative charge-seeking mechanism of the spike protein on Coronaviruses can be attenuated and neutralized by the trillions of electrons generated per second by the Serenio device. The high-intensity discharge of electrons relies on the precision design and geometry of the proprietary Photon-Mediated Electron Emitters (PMEE) in the device. It physically attenuates the virus, rendering it ineffective and unable to bind to the cells in the human body.

How long does it take for Serenio to clear a room?

Once turned on, Serenio can clear the room instantaneously. We recommend turning it on about 15 minutes before the room is expected to be occupied by multiple people. It is best to leave it on 24/7 if occupied.

About the Product

Does MedAir Labs offer other products?

In addition to Serenio, MedAir Labs also has the following products:

  • MedAir Labs Covid Antigen Rapid Testing kits
  • Anti-Viral Reusable Cotton Face Mask
  • Triple Antigen Testing kits (currently under development)

Where is Serenio manufactured?

Serenio is assembled in Solon, OH under license from Shreis Scalene Therapeutics LLC by MedAir Labs LLC, which is licensed to manufacture, market and sell Serenio in the United States.

Who invented the technology and the SHYCOCAN® device?

The inventor is Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, Chairman and CSO of Scalene Cybernetics, Bengaluru, India.

Does Serenio require accessories or contain items that will need to be replaced?

No accessories or items need to be purchased separately. Serenio does not incur maintenance costs. You will not incur quarterly or bi-annual charges replacing a filter or UV lamp as you would with other types of air purifiers and often cost $30-100.

Does Serenio emit chemicals or harmful byproducts? Will it cause health issues?

Serenio is safe for humans and pets when used in a closed environment. No chemicals are used in, or created by, the device. It does not ionize the air, nor does it produce any ozone—it only emits electrons, which we are constantly surrounded by and cause us no harm! 

Additionally, independent studies have shown that Serenio has no effect on human lung tissue, animal tissue, plant tissue, bacteria, fungi, and eco-friendly microorganisms in the environment. Further, the device does not create any interference with electronics, including pacemakers and other electronic medical devices. 

Does Serenio have FDA registrations and EPA establishment numbers?

Currently, the SHYCOCAN® technology that powers Serenio is market-enabled by the FDA under their Enforcement Discretion Policy.

Is Serenio a medical-grade purifier?

No, Serenio is not a medical-grade purifier. It is a patented new technology that neutralizes Coronaviruses in the air and on surfaces in an indoor environment. 

How to Use Serenio

What is the impact of Serenio on nearby electric/electronic devices like escalators, elevators, generators, water treatment plants, laptops, nearby circuitry, etc. under the area of flux/impact?

The SHYCOCAN® device (which Serenio is powered by) has received the European Union CE Class I mark as a result of safety testing by Underwriters Laboratory (UL). It has been tested and cleared for all EMC/EMI, meaning it does not create any interference with electronics, including pacemakers and other electronic medical devices. UL has approved the SHYCOCAN® device for industrial and home use. 

Can I use Serenio in an open backyard?

We recommend the device be used indoors only. The device has not been tested outdoors.

How will I know if Serenio is working?

Serenio has a green light on the front which indicates that it is working.

How is Serenio installed?

Serenio comes with a wall-mounting bracket for easy installation, or it can be placed on a table. We recommend installing Serenio on the wall at a minimum height of 7 ft from the floor.

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Where to find Serenio

Where is Serenio currently being used?

The SHYCOCAN® device is currently used worldwide in offices, restaurants and bars, fitness centers, churches, schools, and hotels. Here are some of the places where Serenio is currently in use. Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how Serenio works to attenuate Coronaviruses, including the virus that causes COVID-19.

Who should buy Serenio?

The device can be used in all enclosed environments inhabited by people. It helps create ‘zones’ in health care facilities, restaurants, hotels, schools, colleges, places of worship, office locations, sporting environments, and residential homes.

Please contact us if you have questions about whether Serenio is a fit for your space.