Advancing Abilities

advancing abilities

Industry: Healthcare

Number of units installed: 47

Date installed: October 2021

In-person COVID-19 transmission*: 0%

“We purchased Serenio units to support and protect individuals with developmental disabilities. The units were extremely easy to install, are very quiet, and most importantly, make our staff feel safe. We loved them so much that we just ordered additional units for our day program and four other homes.”
-Dave Rastoka, Owner

Advancing Abilities, Inc. is a residential provider that runs eight large Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) in Southern Ohio and provides a variety of services to individuals with developmental disabilities. The company installed Serenio units in October 2021 to better protect staff and clients.

Post-installation, the staff reported feeling 100% safer and there were no flu or COVID-19 cases. Serenio was so effective that Advancing Abilities purchased additional units for their day program and for other homes.

Serenio’s groundbreaking technology is allowing Advancing Abilities to continue to provide clients with a healthy and safe environment in which they can thrive.

*Cumulative in-person transmission for six months post installation


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